For you, My Az ^^

PG, WAFF, Angst - part of a mass crossover series which I may or may not get around to posting here. Ask me for it.

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This is what you get when you leave me alone with a jealous Guna too long, Az. XD

Thanks to Gnomey for the words. ^^
OMG Nipples


I am loving Moonlight! If you haven't seen it. SEE IT! It's so of the awesome it puts me to shame. Mick is worth the drool....I mean, I'm gay and I'm drooling.

If FF8 is my bitch, then Moonlight is my master.

Tomorrow I will be spending moneys towards my PSP. I'm gonna get the new FF tactics - mainly because I just found out it has Balthier....but also because I'm gonna need a game for it until Crisis Core comes in from england.

Yes, I'm an FF whore. And I love it!

Seifer wants sex. But I refuse to give it to him until he finishes Isis. It's still coming. A present for Kitten tomorrow for going back to school.

Eeeeh! Balthier.

I think I'm gonna like my new toy. Can't wait to actually get it.

*hugs Gnomey*

*Cheers for Miko* Happy birthday love.

I'll be putting up some drabbles tomorrow. After I sleep and finish watching Moonlight. ^^

OH! I'll be doing the things for DA tomorrow. I'm just taking today off.

Aaaaaand, going now. Nini!
Squally sigh


Two funerals.

Two lost.

Two failed goodbyes.

I made my mum cry. I made Cydlet cry and I made myself cry.

Fuck I hate Christmas.

Getting a PSP.

Finishing the move to IJ soon.

Finishing the Sunday. For real this time.

I'll be catching up on everything....when I feel more inclined to look at something other than a blank IM screen.

I just...can't right now.
Squally sigh

Note to Self:

Everything can be ruined by a phone call.

Day started with no sleep and a promise broken. I'm sorry, Zoe, I thought you meant next weekend.

Missed an entire to do...well, anything. Like the universe skull fucked me into doing shit for everyone else when all I wanted to do was sit down and talk to someone. ANYONE.

Took Nan to the ballet in Ballarat. Was good. My cousin was in it and boy does she have some talent.

That's when we got the phone call. Joan is dead. An old, close friend of our family just up and died on the side of the fucking road. Didn't even get to say goodbye...I mean, what the fuck?! And the news that Robyn, another friend of mine probably won't live to see Wednesday....

So...yeah. I'm in no frame of mind to do anything right now. The fic...although it's almost finished....not happening tonight. I apologise.
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Jack Grin

Watch this space

In 24 hours there will be ficcage here.

Just...Should there be lemon juice involved? I leave that up to you.

Thanks Kitten and Cydlet for the fantastic idea.

And Gnomey...*waves a fist* She got the round 2 Bunny. That will be next weeks task.

Round 3 hopefully in time for Chrissy....who wants it?

I want a PSP. Crisis Core is out! *goes 'nanas*
Jack Grin

For notes

I'm Twe @ insane journal now. I'll be backing up. Cross posting for a while, but...I'm thinking I'd rather be safe.

For those on Gnomes or Cyds or Kittens warned...I need more friends. ><

I'll be moving stuff over the week.

Still on AIM and MSN. Poke me if you need me.
Jack Grin

...December 1....

Okay....As of Monday I will be writing something. ANYTHING.

And by Friday I will have something I am proud of, and willing to share. *nods*

If Kitten has anything to say about it, I'll probably have an illustration to go with it - I be having graphics tablet now. *grins*

Chrono Cross is of the conquered!

Gonna finish FF12 and KH2 next.

....then play star ocean....

So many games....

But I'll be writing something every day.

Anyone have any suggestions - pairing or word or whatever - that you want? This is for you guys, after all!
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Soundtrack Meme

soundtrack meme nicked from my dear Cydlet
If your life was a movie, what would its soundtrack be?

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...just type it in!

Keep in mind, my MP3 player is not very big. ><

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